The splendour of the park

Welcome to your future neighbourhood between town and country, at the crossroads of all amenities and everything you could wish for. With quality a key requirement and in order to facilitate relationships between you and your future neighbours, numerous recreational setups and meeting places will be provided right in the centre of the Parc des Crêts. Secure play areas for children, meeting points, walks along the tree-lined pathways and outdoor sports areas, all these will be right on your doorstep. The Parc des Crêts has been envisioned with one consideration uppermost in mind; to fulfil the wellbeing of its residents both indoors and outdoors.

Architecture in synergy with nature

The motto of the Parc des Crêts is: To minimise the impact upon the surrounding countryside. Embedded as a continuation of the existing residential quarter, the Parc des Crêts will be unobtrusive thanks to small buildings of no more than 2 or 3 floors, giving priority to nature rather than to buildings – without restricting generous indoor space – and giving precedence to a modern architectural style in line with the times. Finally, huge terraces and spacious balconies facing the surrounding greenery will allow both light and nature into your future home. The architecture will fit seamlessly into the heart of the village of Troinex.

Ecology as the project centrepiece

With respect for the environment as a prime objective, your future quarter aspires to be both green and ecological. Looking to the future, the Parc des Crêts stands out with its THPE (very high energy performance) low electricity and heating consumption standard. This eco-attitude is adopted down to the smallest detail and includes protection of fauna and eco-management of rainwater. In line with this, community vegetable gardens will combine respect for the environment and facilitate relations between neighbours, all with the ultimate aim of biodiversity certification.

A focus on human beings

Who has never dreamt of living both close to the bustle of an urban centre yet remaining undisturbed? The Parc des Crêts will combine both peacefulness and security, thanks to the underground parking, guaranteeing fresh and unpolluted air for everyone. This new quarter will be a place in which to meet and exchange providing its future inhabitants with a most practical way of life, enhanced by multipurpose rooms open to all residents in each cluster. In conclusion, nothing is more important to us than your comfort and well-being.

The practical side of life

The Parc de Crêts aspires to sustainability by prioritizing eco-mobility throughout this entirely residential quarter. Long tree-lined paths will lead you to your villa or to the centre of your cluster and your future apartment. Imagine what it would be like to live in a setting without noise or pollution thanks to motor traffic remaining underground. In line with these features, there will be a bus stop at the park entrance to facilitate your daily commutes. Finally, the village atmosphere of Troinex provides you with all the amenities you might require such as, grocery store, baker, post office and a delightful restaurant in which to satisfy your appetite.