A home made to measure

« The team of interior architects selected for the Parc des Crêts project have taken a careful approach on the basis of three different style ranges to enable future owners to make a choice from among a wide selection of options.»


« We wanted not only to provide quality amenities in line with the spirit of the project, which is already lavish, but also to bear in mind that the origin of products and their production process should be entirely local. Cerutti Architects SA already has 50 years of experience and follows each project closely in its entirety with a decidedly architectural resolve. We are proud to have an important role in the Parc des Crêts
based on key and ethical values. »


An unlimited number of choices are available to you through these three selected ranges, allowing you to find your own solution and to make your
indoors simply one-of-a-kind.

Range I

In our first range we have chosen a solution combining our esthetical and ethical ideal in which we take pride to focus on small European artisan families.

Particular attention has also been paid to the choice of parquet for your floors.

Range II

Range 2 has been chosen for clients desiring a superior level of finish such as shiny or mat lacquer, magnificent working and countertop surfaces in Silestone or granite, parquet floors with wider or longer lengths, laid in ship’s deck manner and in all the colours available in Range 1.


It will also be possible to have a wider choice with respect to tiling, such as in larger sizes or even slightly more ornamental by selecting retro terra cotta.

Range III

Prestige is our key word. For the kitchen it will be possible to select from among a choice of innovative materials and high-quality finish such as natural wood laminate or Fenix. In the bathrooms black flush level washbasins, faucets (brushed, black or copper) large size imitation stone or as a contrast, mosaics can be chosen for your bathroom or shower. Parquets will be laid in herringbone or chevron patterns. In addition to all the colours available in Ranges 1 & 2, they are available in lasered, mat or brushed treatments and even more.


We provide you with a quality service in our showroom on location which, you are welcome to visit upon appointment from Monday to Saturday.

Our real estate brokers will provide you with professional advice all through the acquisition process of your future home.

A 100 sq m area is entirely devoted to displaying supplies and materials to enable you to imagine and to select your interior step by step. Interior decorators working exclusively on this project are also there to provide you with the best possible advice and to create an ideal home for you and your family.


In our showroom we provide a touch screen tablet to enable you to visualize the project by walking through each sector, the villas and the community areas. Our sales personnel will, with the help of this digital model, guide you towards the discovery of your future home.

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